12 Facts You Should Know About Driving While Intoxicated

Addiction Treatment Center

The Addiction Center is an up to date hub for addiction information and treatment center review.

About.com - Alcoholism Net Links

An excellent set of links to information and statistics about drinking and driving.

Addiction Recovery-Alcohol Abuse

This site lists frequently asked questions for anyone interested in learning more about alcohol dependency; to understand what it is and how to determine if someone has a drinking problem.

Addiction Search

Lists the latest addiction information on the internet

Alcohol, DUI and Liability

A great BLOG by Norm Adams about all things Alcohol, DUI and Liability related.

Alcohol - Problems and Solutions

Provides useful information on alcohol and drinking issues such as drinking and driving, health, underage drinking, binge drinking, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, and many others. Includes an alcohol knowledge quiz.

Alcoholism and the Holidays

Binge Drinking & Alcohol Abuse Facts

The guide discusses the difference between alcohol abuse and binge drinking, along with the individual and public dangers of both. It also covers tips on preventing binge drinking and alcohol abuse for different populations.

Driving Under the Influence

Drinking and driving is a dangerous, yet common activity in the United States. It causes thousands of deaths each year, results in severe penalties and has life-altering consequences. This article addresses the cost of getting a DUI.

Drug and Alcohol Assistance Guide

Education is one of the best defenses against alcohol and/or drug abuse!

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Facilities

ConsumerAffairs recognizes that, for some, entering rehab can be the first step in the journey back to health and wellness and that choosing a rehab – be it for drug addition or alcoholism – can be difficult. Our research team has developed a comprehensive guide to help make the task less daunting.

Drunk Driving Reform Initiative

Dedicated to reducing the number of drunk driving fatalities and injuries in the memory of Sarah Towery and Chip Smith, who were killed by a repeat drunk driver on March 21, 1999, in Lafayette, Indiana.

Drunk Driving Statistics

We need safer roads!


Drunk driving incidents result in one injured person every two minutes. We work to bring awareness to this is, as well as to be an informational resources for those who are affected by drug and alcohol abuse.


Supports victims while advocating anti-drunk driving through speaking and holding public events.


Creators of tools for clinicians, educators and clients that can assist in the detection and assessment of alcohol and drug use problems, as well as provide substance abuse education and motivational interventions.

National Group Rides And Designated Drivers

Being safe and teaching your children about safety precautions takes only a little time and effort but can make all the difference in the world to how an emergency is handled.


The Pennsylvania DUI Association - a professional organization which is working to address the DUI problem in all of its many stages

The Recovery Village

The Recovery Village has a wealth of resources for anyone looking for more information or who wants to help out someone around them.

Survivors of Drunk Drivers

The effects of being the victim of an impaired driver lasts the rest of your life. Recovery is a long process that requires the assistance of many people and organizations and specialists. This site tries to provide information with links to assist you in your life after the crash.

TIPS - Training for Intervention Procedures

A program which teaches prevention of the misuse of alcohol

Understanding Beer Addiction

Drinking Beer: Abuse, Addiction, and Treatment Options

Vehicle Safety, What is BAC, etc.

Drunk driving, the act of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated or under the influence of mind-altering substances, is a criminal offense in all jurisdictions within the United States